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2021-04-15 20:36:12

Jeanny Jung

I choose Catholic education because everyone is treated in the same way even if we don’t believe in the same things. It’s a great environment to be in because everyone is welcome and a part of our family. There is more than faith taught here and it ...

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2021-04-15 20:39:09

Layson Roan

I choose Catholic education because the teachers here, more than any other school, are more connected to their students and want them to grow. - Layson Roan Hear his story

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2021-04-20 20:22:45

Katie Dyck

I choose Catholic education because of the community that it provides, along with the education, along with the faith background, all contributes to a wholesome education rather than just educating your brain. - Katie Dyck Hear My Story

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2021-04-20 20:27:44

Courtney Johnson

I choose Catholic education because we practice the values of kindness, honesty, and respect. As a result, we are more of a family; we are open to all and get along well. - Courtney Johnson Hear My Story

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2021-04-20 20:28:54

Allysa Woodrow

I choose Catholic education because the values everyone carries influences me to be better in the school and in the community. Catholic education helps you find who you are in the community and gives you endless support in your journey. I find the ...

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2021-04-20 20:30:19

The Simons

We choose Catholic education because it is family centered. Catholic education allows everyone to flourish. - Curtis, Emily & Karen Simon Hear Our Story

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2021-04-20 20:31:47

Jamie and Dur

We choose Catholic education because it is diverse, welcoming, and open to everyone. - Jamie Killoran & Dur Phommavong Hear Our Story

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